"Sleep on the Way," 2012

“Americana is meant to work in a timeless fashion, a goal that often comes off as nostalgic or pandering, but when done right, as Dan Johnson and the Expert Sidemen have managed here, familiar sounding songs bring seasoned focus to contemporary themes and contemporary sounds bring new perspective to tradition.”

(Josh Potter / Metroland)

"Magic Guitar," 2016

"Reminiscent of a wide Western landscape, Magic Guitar is a no-frills, austere affair that lulls the listener into gentle contemplation. The sense of evenness and uniformity in Johnson's songs makes the album feel like one extended cut. As such, it's a perfect soundtrack for getting lost on country roads." (Liz Cantrell / 7 Days)


"Bound for Abiquiu," 2013

​“Bound for Abiquiu is a perfect album for a sunny summer day or a drive to the Adirondacks or Southern Tier, while picking in the campgrounds at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival or casual listening to a classic country sound.” (Pete Mason / Upstate Live)


"Suck it Up, Cupcake," 2015

I hope you hear something that resonates with you. I hope the moment when you open the album, and put it in your CD player, is a special moment. I hope your experience is enhanced by the patterns and ideas on this disc. I hope this helps you feel like you can be more yourself, and not less. Feel free to share it around to friends. It’s yours, now.
​Suck it up, cupcake. (Dan Johnson) ​

"Mercury 85," 2014

"This is an honest, gritty and raw record, in an early Neil Young way, which has no use for frills or filigree, minimal small talk and is full of emotion and heart. With sidemen or solo, Johnson satisfies."

(David Malachowski / Times Union)